About Us

Sassy Ranch Original is owned by Delma and Austin Villa. We are parents to four beautiful children and one lil angel in heaven. We have always dreamed of starting our own business that’s unique and affordable for the hard working people. Growing up around ranchers and seeing the love they had for the life they lived taught me it’s a lifestyle you learn to have passion for. It’s not only the making a living or taking care of those beautiful animals or taking care of the land, it’s also the unique way of dressing. Being able to work and feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. Getting dirty and still looking GOOD! Who doesn’t want to feel that way. Western wear has been here for decades and will be here for many more. We strive for our clothing here at Sassy Ranch Original to make you the best version of you, for you to not only look good but also feel good about yourself.    
                                                Many Blessing from
                                      Sassy Ranch Original Family.